Auguste & Louis phase 1

Edyfic Construction
Habitation multi-résidentielle

This multi-phase project by Edyfic Construction will be built on the site of the iconic former Maison de Radio-Canada building just steps from downtown Montreal. It is the flagship complex in the new Quartier des Lumières neighbourhood, which will feature a unique blend of culture, nature, and innovation. Its name pays tribute to brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière, pioneers in the history of cinema and photography. Phase 1 includes 265 condos and 300 bathrooms across 14 floors.

Our task

ORAM was contracted to install the following plumbing networks and systems:

  • Waste lines
  • Rainwater drainage system
  • Domestic cold water piping
  • Centralized hot water system
  • Natural gas piping

ORAM Expertise

Our team worked to optimize project costs by helping to finalize the following:

  • Hot and cold water distribution systems and drainage system
  • Distribution method and pipe layout
  • Pressure management
  • Specialized equipment proposals
  • Fixture suggestions


condos in phase 1
180 000