The ORAM Experience

Service Reconstructed

Service Reconstructed

At ORAM, we specialize in customized turnkey design–build and design–assist mechanical systems services. Working with our customers from the design stage allows for maximum pre-project planning to prepare for every contingency and reduce the likelihood of error.

We use this innovative approach to exceed our customers’ highest standards and expectations. They get to sit back, relax and reap the many benefits of letting a trusted partner handle their project—a feeling we’ve come to call the ORAM Experience. Learn more about the four cornerstones of the ORAM Experience.

The Four Cornerstones of the ORAM Experience

We have the tools, resources, expertise  and skills to guarantee the highest level of service to our customers, allowing us to achieve maximum value while minimizing the impact of unexpected changes. To deliver on this guarantee, we’ve defined the fundamental principles of the ORAM Experience to clearly express what we believe, how we work, and what goes into our strategic decision-making process. The following four cornerstones allow us to bring this experience to life and lay the foundation we build on every single day: Innovation, Planning, Support and Commitment.


At ORAM, innovation is built in. Our goal isn’t to do things differently, it’s to continuously improve our processes to work more efficiently and productively—both on your job site and at our offices. We use cutting-edge technology and the most sophisticated techniques in the industry to ensure our teams work as efficiently as possible at your job site.

“At ORAM, we’re not afraid of change. Change drives what we do. It’s how we make our vision a reality.”

At ORAM, we innovate in multiple ways:

  • Our continuous improvement program, which includes daily job site training and coaching
  • Groundbreaking business practices, including modern communications tools like our mobile app, which our own IT team developed
  • Our multidisciplinary team, which improves and streamlines the ways it works to reach peak operational efficiency


Thanks to our expertise and our diverse and skilled coordination team, we can take the lead as soon as your project kicks off to maximize planning and reduce the likelihood of errors during construction.

At ORAM, planning means:

  • Optimizing overall pre-project planning to expect the unexpected
  • Active foreperson oversight and progress optimization thanks to systematic daily checks at all project stages
  • Proactive procurement and inventory management to avoid stock outs and delays


At ORAM, support means close collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships with not only our customers, but all project stakeholders.

For us, support means:

  • End-to-end project management for maximum peace of mind 
  • Constant communication, close collaboration, and open dialogue between our teams, our customers, and other trades (the ORAM standard work list)
  • Leveraging our strong communication skills, transparency, and continuous feedback loop to listen to our customers and tailor each project to their specific needs


The ORAM team is committed to delivering projects on spec, on time, and on budget—without compromising on quality or execution. We take ownership of our work and act with integrity because we respect you, your stakeholders, and your project.

At ORAM, commitment means:

  • Delivering on our “peace of mind” guarantee, which is founded on our proven reliability and the quality of our work
  • Planning for the unexpected and proactively finding solutions
  • Optimizing customer projects according to their needs and budget





The ORAM Experience: Our 360° Approach

From quoting to commissioning, ORAM provides a tailored, turnkey approach at every stage of your project, no matter how big or complex.


Measure twice, cut once

At ORAM, we specialize in pre-project planning and design. Our coordination team, which includes skilled designers and project managers, optimizes your design and plans for contingencies before work even starts. 

At the estimation step, we plan proactively to create a realistic budget based on your project’s needs. We make sure we understand your expectations so we can complete and deliver your project on time to your exact specifications. 

Our goal is to submit an ideal proposal with a realistic price tag that includes the use of best practices while potentially saving you money.


Making sure projects run smoothly

The execution phase is where we build on our cornerstones of innovation and support to ensure we align with your needs. 

The ORAM mobile app is a strategic tool for providing the true ORAM Experience. It serves as the operational link between job sites, our suppliers, and our office, streamlining communication and coordination between project stakeholders. 

We put our plans into action and work to improve them every single day to maximize efficiency while keeping strict tabs on quality, health, and safety. Our coordination team helps us hit our stride and stay on schedule. And since we’ve already planned for every possible hurdle, we’re ready to overcome them as soon as work starts.


Laying the groundwork for long-term partnership

We don’t leave our customers’ peace of mind to chance. At ORAM, our team works tirelessly to support you at every stage of your project and is committed to being there when your systems are delivered and commissioned to make sure your building is working exactly as you’d expect.

It is this commitment, backed by our reliability and integrity, that we embody through strong communication, unconditional support, and the fact that we stand by our work well past delivery.

The way we see it, commitment is key to building lasting partnerships that allow us to put customers first and deliver excellent quality.