Steve Turner, Director of Construction – Service and Land Surveying

March 28, 2023


In 2019, Steve Turner took the helm of the Service and Land Surveying Department, which is integral to the 360-degree approach that defines the ORAM Experience. His department plays an important role during the execution and delivery phases of a project.

A lot can happen in a day! Steve’s team’s biggest challenge is navigating inevitable hurdles while staying focused finding on the optimal solution. Despite their already busy schedules, Stoeve and his colleagues are always ready and willing to address issues as they arise. He’d say answering the call is easy when you have such a strong service team and experienced plumbers like he does at ORAM. His team is an important link in the ORAM value chain, helping us deliver impeccable customer service and support major commercial worksites.

An inspiring and rewarding career

Steve Turner has been with ORAM since 2001 and got his start as a residential distributor. Though he already had years of management experience under his belt, it was his first foray into construction. It was a challenge, but one that showed just how adaptable he is.

From 2011 to 2016, he managed the Service Department, where he coordinated ORAM’s commercial projects. He joined ORAM’s management team in 2019. Today he leads a team of 18, including 14 plumbers and apprentices.
From day 1, Steve has seized every opportunity to rise through the ranks, and he’s glad to have played a part in ORAM’s course and vision since he got his foot in the door. “ORAM believed in me, and that helped me push myself and grow within the company. I think I’ve risen to the occasion!”

Teamwork makes the dream work

As a member of a dragon boat team and a stage actor with several plays to his credit, Steve knows how to channel the adrenaline from both competition and the spotlight. Personally and professionally, being part of a cohesive team that adds up to more than the sum of its parts is in his blood.

He’s always willing to jump in, set the pace, and overcome challenges to help ORAM grow and exceed our customers’ high expectations. The satisfaction of a job well done every single day is part of what he loves most about working at ORAM. He also appreciates his managers’ confidence in him and their emphasis on on-the-job training and wellbeing.

Care and commitment at the core

Like ORAM, Steve also cares about his team’s wellbeing. He is responsive and solutions-oriented, sharing his expertise, knowledge, and values with both veterans and newcomers, whom he often takes under his wing.

“Everyone agrees, Steve is one of the most well-liked people here,” said Stéphanie Savard, Vice President of Operations. He is known for his work ethic—one of the many reasons he has earned the trust and respect of colleagues, plumbers, and clients. At work and in life, Steve stays true to his convictions, and his word.

He also tries to embody ORAM’s values outside the office because they are so in line with his own, especially ethics and commitment.

Like reliability and integrity, ethics and commitment are tried-and-true values when it comes to earning clients’ trust at every stage of a project, especially delivery. Customer service is the foundation of lasting partnerships, and Steve is an expert at laying the groundwork!

Want to start tackling challenges and maximizing your potential at a growing company that cares about and supports its team? Join us and start building something great!

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