Snezana Zumeri, Surveying and Staking Coordinator

March 31, 2022


Snezana Zumeri, ORAM’s Surveying and Staking Coordinator, is pretty proud of her career, with good reason. Before joining our team in March 2021, she developed a diverse skill set working in the legal and civil engineering fields. These experiences gave her the opportunity to travel throughout Québec, including up north, and across Canada, including Northern Ontario and Vancouver. She has also taught surveying at the CÉGEP level and in adult education classes.

These days, she’s especially proud to coordinate a team of dedicated, hardworking people who respect her as a skilled manager.

What construction surveyors do

Construction surveyors make precise measurements, create layouts, and take readings using total stations equipped with an integrated GPS, level, and scanner. They estimate the amount of materials needed and prepare technical drawings.

Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP) or Certificate of Collegial Studies (AEC) holders interested in surveying might be drawn to drawing or site work in a variety of fields, including construction, legal, civil engineering, telecommunications, the environment, and more.

Those who choose to work in construction must be physically fit and good at math. They should also be willing to work under a variety of conditions and different challenging situations. These could include bad weather, navigating heavy machinery, frequent travel, and more.

Tackling different challenges every day is what attracted Snezana to construction: handling lots of different tasks at both job sites and in the office, meeting different people, and having the option to do either site work, drawing, or both.

“During a typical day at ORAM, things can change in the blink of an eye. I often have to find solutions or resources fast to accommodate a request from my team or the foreperson at a job site. There are always different challenges to overcome, and I find that really motivating.”

Making a name for herself in a male-dominated field

Construction wasn’t an easy choice for Snezana, who was told on more than one occasion that, “we don’t put women on job sites.” She doubted herself. She worried that she wasn’t up to the task and wouldn’t be able to do what she needed to do, which ran her confidence into the ground. She decided to turn that doubt into a personal challenge: she was determined to show everyone she could do it thanks to her ability to adapt to the unexpected. Looking back now, she knew she was right to keep going.

“It’s a lot easier to be a woman in construction now than when I started in 2010. Men are a lot more understanding, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Like in so many other fields, I think the key is not hesitating to make your mark and trusting yourself.”

Not your regular employer

Working at ORAM also helped Snezana trust her own skills. From day one, she started handling new tasks and was recently asked to start coordinating a second team. This happens all the time at ORAM, where many leadership positions are held by women. Even ORAM’s co-president is a woman!

Our surveyors have access to the latest surveying equipment and a unique technology that gives them a direct line of communication with the Survey team. This means they can work together to resolve on-site issues or exchange files no matter where they are. But for Snezana, our engaged and inclusive corporate culture is just as important and makes us a great place to work.

“The support we get as ORAM employees is incredible. Our managers, HR personnel, and executives are always available to answer our questions and find solutions. They respect us and never let us feel alone.”

Would you like to start tackling challenges and maximizing your potential at a growing company that cares about and supports its team? Join us and start building something great!

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