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August 15, 2022

ORAM Experience

These days, innovation is a concept that stimulates the aims of many companies that, above all, want to change their ways of doing things. At ORAM, innovation is not just about doing things differently. It’s one of the pillars that constitutes the ORAM Experience and the preferred channel for optimizing processes, practices and service delivery.

Innovation is at the centre of ORAM’s business decisions, as well as the origin of creative solutions that shape the company’s approach, develop human resources, business processes and practices, and communications, without forgetting the realization of projects.

“We innovate because it’s part of our DNA and because it allows us to constantly improve our processes to optimize our efficiency and performance, both on the worksites and within the company to ultimately benefit our customers.”

The ORAM Experience 360° approach: where innovation takes root

Among the 4 fundamental pillars of the ORAM Experience, innovation is at the heart of the approach that serves as a springboard for creating value at ORAM – from preliminary design to commissioning through execution of the work. The customer can opt for a design-assist or design-build mandate, the latter method presupposing setting up a larger design and coordination team with regard to capacity and involvement. The approach can be innovative, but that doesn’t prevent each member of the team from completely knowing the workings.

Human resources development: where innovation is personified

In a sector where technologies are taking up more and more space, where projects are increasingly ambitious, and where the coordinated work of numerous teams is a guarantee of success, the sum of the expertise that’s deployed synergistically makes sense. And “expertise” now means an innovative vision of human resources development.

ORAM provides its customers with a multidisciplinary team that innovates by constantly improving and optimizing its working methods to achieve greater operational efficiency. The development of knowledge and skills is ensured by the implementation of a continuous improvement program, which includes an annual training plan for apprentices and plumbers, a training plan for the office team, individual development programs for the management team, and daily support of organizational development coaches for on-site foremen.

The result of this innovative approach, ORAM Expertise can be applied at every stage of a project’s life cycle, both upstream and on-site.

Processes, practices and communications IT: where innovation happens

Aiming to optimize its teams’ work on construction sites, ORAM’s management is not only open to implementing innovative technologies, but also committed to staying up-to-date about the latest industry practices.
The IT team is on the cutting edge of new trends. Its attraction to innovation also includes developing innovative tools such as the ORAM mobile application, which is capable of propelling the company to improved efficiency.

The ORAM mobile app

Created to support all the operational dynamics between construction sites, suppliers and the office, and to optimize the sequence of on-site work, the ORAM mobile app allows active supervision while ensuring operational efficiency. For example, foremen and crews in the field have access to current project tenders and design plans. As a result, they are in total control of their projects.

The app also facilitates communications and allows real-time transmission of any project changes to the office and on-site teams. It also makes available work schedules and time sheets, which are completed directly by the plumbers at the end of their work day.

Project realization: where innovation takes shape

Also at the heart of the work on construction sites, innovation takes a concrete form through an internal process for pre-cutting pipes according to the measurements established in the coordination plans. By avoiding errors related to measurements or the cuts themselves, the time for laying the piping on site is minimized.

Just like the pre-cutting of pipes, pre-assembly of faucet parts or other components in the warehouse – another innovative practice that optimizes efficiency – makes it possible to deliver everything directly to the on-site team for installation.

Automated cutting and pre-assembly assure greater efficiency, significantly reduce waste and enable better quality control and execution.

ORAM: where innovation creates value

Innovation is a fundamental value that drives every member of the ORAM team. It remains, and will remain, a pillar: a guiding force for leaders that allows the company to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Would you like to take on challenges that match your ambitions and pursue a career with an innovative, high-performance company? Team up with ORAM and become a builder of excellence, too!

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